How do I get there?

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By car

Nutchel forest camp Les Ardennes is located in Martelange, Belgium, which makes it easily accessible by car from either Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands or Germany. Our exact address is: Rue de Radelange 51, 6630, Martelange, Belgium.

When you’re in the center of Martelange, it’s only a minute drive in the direction of Radelange. You should count a travel time of 2h from Brussels (BE), 1h from Liège (BE), 1h20 from Metz (FR) 40min from Luxembourg City (LU), and about 2h20 from Eindhoven - without traffic, that is.

Public transport

Our forest camp Les Ardennes is located in the heart of nature, with limited access to public transportation. You can travel to Martelange by bus and while doing so, you can use the Moovit application to plan your trip et ease.

The bus stops nearby Les Ardennes are Martelange Pont De La Sûre, Martelange Rue De La Poste and Martelange Dépôt Tec.

Martelange is served by several bus lines from Belgium and Luxembourg:

  • Line 2 Bastogne – Martelange - Fauvillers

  • Line 54/4 Martelange – Habay

  • Line 60 Saint-Hubert – Neufchâteau - Martelange

  • Line E69 Namur – Luxembourg

  • Line 80 Bastogne – Arlon – Luxemburg 

  • Line 530 Mechelen – Keerbergen – Tremelo – Arlon

  • Line 590 Pellenberg – Lubbeek – Arlon 

  • Line 1011 Liège – Luxemburg   

Practical info


Check-in is possible between 3 pm and 8 pm. We understand there’s a chance you could get stuck in a traffic jam, so in case you are delayed please give our team on site a call on +352 691 261 140 to inform us of your arrival time.

If you do not have the possibility to arrive between the standard check-in hours, you have the option to book a late check-in option for a €40 fee. This service gives you the possibility to arrive later in the evening and as part of this service we will cosy-up your cabin ahead of your arrival; we will turn on the wood stove and light a few oil lamps so you can get settled right away! Check-in after 10 pm is not possible anymore.

Parking & cabin access

Parking spots are provided near the Cosy Chalet. We kindly ask you to leave your car there and not to drive further on the terrain - in the interest of not disturbing the natural environment too much. 


Check-out is possible until 10 am. It is possible to check-out one day earlier (for example on a Sunday if you're staying for the weekend), however the price of your booking will not be affected. You will be able to keep the access to your cabin so you can decide when to head back home, and when you depart you can simply leave the key inside the letterbox at the reception. If you still have an open bill to pay you can do that between 9 and 10 am that day. In case of too much delay concerning the check-out of your cabin, an extra cost of € 60 may be added to your bill.

Cleaning your cabin

We do not charge a cleaning fee, but we do ask you to leave your cabin behind in the same state you found it. Detailed guidelines can be found in the welcome guide in your cabin. If we find your cabin not in the same state, we have the right to charge you an additional fee.

Wi-Fi (Uhm… what?)

Of course we don’t have wifi in the cabins, that would kind of beat the purpose ;)


Pets are only allowed in the Classic for 4 and the Classic for 6 cabins. We do charge a small a fee, to be paid at the time of booking. Be sure to keep an eye on your pets during your stay, because a lot of other animals live on the site as well. If your pet causes nuisance, we reserve the right to ask you to take it to a local kennel.

Assistance on site

There will always be someone available to assist you in case you have any question during your stay. The phone number will be provided to you upon arrival, so you have nothing to worry about!☺


If you have any questions, send us an email at

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Prepare your stay!

There are a few things you should bring along when you visit the forest camp Les Ardennes, click here for our tips!