Spring is back
A few reasons to celebrate it

Our top 5 reasons to celebrate spring

That's it, winter is finally behind us! After our senses have been sanitized for a few months, changing seasons brings us small and big joys that you can share with your loved ones at Nutchel 💚

The light is back into our lives

By the end of March, we will have 2 more hours of daylight than at the beginning of the month. You can’t stop the beat : the days are getting longer everyday! Fill up on vitamin D and good mood while the sun keeps peeking through the clouds.

Do you want to take advantage of it? Put on your hiking shoes and go for a walk in the Alsace or Ardennes’ forests!

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During the hike, you stop for a moment to admire the landscape. For a brief moment, the sun caresses your face. The heat gives you shivers of delight that run through your back, as a sign of your body waking up as the temperatures get warmer. Say goodbye to big coats, the light jacket season has begun!

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Listening to the sounds of awakening nature

Chirp chirp – “What is this new alarm clock?” are you thinking as you wake up in the calm of your Cosy Cabin. The sounds of birds are the first sign of nature's rebirth in spring.

And it truly rings in the air like a song of hope for better days.


While winter and its frost had deprived us of the smells of nature, all the senses are awakened in spring. The smell of the wet ground fills your lungs. The discreet scent of flowers floats in the air. You take big breaths of fresh air, you are present and fully immersed in the moment as your thoughts fly away.

The promise of outdoor dining

With the return of sunny days, it's a whole way of sharing precious moments with your loved ones that is coming back in the center of the stage. A tasty outdoor barbecue with friends. A tapas board to share with your loved one on the terrace. A picnic to enjoy during a family hike.

At Nutchel, all of this is possible, and even encouraged!

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