Holidays with friends?
Yes, please!

5 reasons to go on a holiday with your friends

Always with your partner in crime

You're in the mood for a cosy and relaxed afternoon, but your friend rather wants to go for an extensive hike? The more people you have on your vacation, the more likely it is that you'll find a like-minded person for each activity! Two of you are relaxing in the sauna, 2 are going for a walk and 2 are exploring the area by bike – ideal, isn't it?

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The coolest locations are made for friends

Whether four, six or ten people - there's room for everyone in our cabins. And let's be honest, when do you ever went on vacation with your best friends in a cabin in the middle of nature?

Get spoiled

The more people you have on your trip, the easier it is to divide the kitchen duties. So despite back to basics, you can allow yourself to get up from the coach only the moment dinner is already on the table 😊


Create memories that last a lifetime. You and your friends have certainly lived lots of adventures together already, but a short cabin break in the Belgian Ardennes or French Alsace is certainly not one of them!

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Our prices are calculated per cabin and not per person. Treat yourself to a bit more comfort while keeping the spent amount decent. The more you’re in a cabin, the lower the costs for everyone. So what about a cabin with a hot tub maybe ? 

Get your epic friends trip booked

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