The region

Our beautiful forest camp Les Ardennes is located in the middle of the Belgium Ardennes near the town Martelange, along the meandering river Sûre. The charming town of Bastogne - which is welknown for its wartime history - lies about 15 minutes by car away from Les Ardennes. Larger cities Arlon, Luxembourg City and Neufchâteau easily also accessible by car. For those who want to stay closer to the domain: there are many cycling and hiking routes and water sports facilities nearby.

Les Ardennes is surrounded by rolling green hills and beautiful forests in both Belgium and Luxembourg. Lac de la Haut Sûre (LU) is a large man-made lake where you can find nice picnic spots along the water, and where you can do many watersport activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddling, and even diving!

And there’s a whole lot of other activities and sightseeing opportunities in the area, accessible either by car, by bike or on foot. Don’t hesitate to ask our team at The Chalet for some extra information and recommendations!

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