The Nutchel camp rules - here's what you should know

Here are some guidelines for what you definitely should and shouldn't do during your stay with Nutchel at our new forest camp Les Ardennes!

Light and warmth

There’s very little artificial light on the domain, which is a very conscious choice so we disrupt the ecosystem as little as possible. In the cabins light is created via oil lamps and candles, oh so cosy! In the cabin you will find instructions on how to turn on the oil lamps. To get around at night, it’s best to use a flashlight or the LED lamp that you find in your cabin.
Our Cosy Cabins are heated with a wood stove, which means you need to find your inner Neanderthal and start fetching some wood! Just kidding - we've done the fetching for you. When you arrive in the cabin there will be some wood to get you started, and when you run out you will find more wood in the woodshed. Instructions on how to get your wood stove started can be found in the cabin.


One of our forest camp's greatest assets is it’s peaceful atmosphere. Please respect this tranquility, so everyone (including the animals!) can fully enjoy the magic of the location. It would be a pity to scare away the singing birds ;) We also kindly ask you to be extra quiet after 10:30 pm, so both your human and animal neighbours can sleep peacefully.
No cars


Do not disturb wildlife in our camp, we kindly ask you to leave your car at the parking at the entrance of the forest camp, right in front of the Cosy Chalet. During your stay you can either walk or take a bike to move around the camp, the distances aren’t that far.
Nutchel Lodge

Cosy Chalet

Right next to the parking area, you'll find our Cosy Chalet: a central gathering place with a welcoming area and places to sit. There is a little honesty shop where you can find some local products to buy.

We have a little library with interesting books to read, and there's a kids play area where they can get creative! You will also find board games, comic books, crayons and pencils, and a number of outdoor games.

There's a seating area outside, and to top it all off there's a fire pit where we organise magical storytelling evenings with a good glass of wine or a hot chocolate.

Please note that the Cosy Chalet is currently only accessible for Check-in and Check-out, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.