How do I get there?

Map Nutchel

By car

Het Warredal (De Warre on Google Maps) is located in Neeroeteren, a part of Maaseik, which makes it easily accessible by car from either Belgium, the Netherlands or Germany. When you’re in the center of Neeroeteren, it’s only a 5 minute drive in the direction of Berg. The exact address is Ketelstraat 77, 3680 Maaseik. You should count a travel time of 1h15 from Brussels, 1h30 from Cologne and about an hour from Eindhoven - without traffic, that is.

Public transport

Take the train to Genk. At the train station of Genk, you should take bus 11 in the direction of Maaseik, and get off at the stop "Neeroeteren Op den Berg". From there, it’s only a 10 minute walk to Het Warredal.

Contact us

If you have any questions, send us an email at !

Practical info


Check-in is available between 15:00h and 19:00h, and between these hours your host, the team of domain Het Warredal, will be welcoming you at Het Warredal! We understand there’s a chance you could get stuck in a traffic jam, so in case you are delayed please give your host a call on +32 (0)89 85 23 16 to inform them of your new arrival time. 

If you do not have the possibility to arrive between the standard check-in hours, you have the option to book a Late Check-in option for a €40 fee. This service gives you the possibility to arrive later in the evening, between 20:00 and 22:00 hours, and as part of this service we will cosy-up your cabin ahead of your arrival; we will turn on the wood stove and light a few oil lamps so you can get settled right away! Just make sure to check-in before 22:00, because after this time check-in is not possible anymore. To book the Late Check-in option, simply add this to your reservation when booking.
We do however recommend you to arrive within the normal check-in hours, as this gives you time to get settled into your cabin, get the wood stove started and - especially - seeing the beautiful sunset at Het Warredal!

Parking & cabin access

As soon as you arrive you will see a big parking area. We kindly ask you to leave your car there and not to drive further on the terrain - in the interest of not disturbing the natural environment too much. Your host will bring you and your luggage with a motorised train to your Cosy Cabin. After 8pm you will be brought to your cabin with an electric golf cart to not disturb the other guests.


The days at Nutchel will pass faster than you think, you’ll be going back home before actually want to. Check-out is between 9:00 and 10:30h on the day of your departure. It is possible to check-out one day earlier (for example on a Sunday if you're staying for the weekend), but this needs to be agreed beforehand with your hosts of the Schelfhout family. You will be able to keep the access to your cabin so you can decide when to head back home, and when you depart you can simply leave the key inside the letter box at the reception. If there's still an open bill to pay you can do that between 9:00 and 10:30 that day. In case of too much delay concerning the check-out, an extra cost of € 60 may be added to your bill.

Cleaning your cabin

We will not charge for cleaning. But we do kindly ask you to leave your cabin behind in the same state you found it. Detailed guidelines can be found on your welcome folder.

Wi-Fi (Uhm… what?)

Off course we don’t have wifi in the cabins, that would kind of beat the purpose ;) If you really need to satisfy your internet-craving for a minute, there will be Wi-Fi in de Cosy Tipi. If it’s for playing an online game on your smartphone or tablet, we’d rather suggest you to play one of the many board- and family-games provided.


Pets are allowed in the cabins, but we do charge a small a fee, to be paid at the time of booking (€10 per day). Be sure to keep an eye on your pets during your stay, because a lot of other animals live on the site as well. If your pet causes nuisance, the Schelfhout family reserves the right to ask you to take it to a local kennel. Please note that in certain cabins no pets are allowed. If it's not possible to add a pet to your cabin reservation, then a pet is not allowed in that cabin.

Assistance on site

There will always be someone to help you on the site if you have any question. The Schelfhout family is here during the day, and at night a concierge is staying nearby the cabins in case you have any issue. The phone number is provided to you when you arrive so you have nothing to worry about ☺

Pack your bag

Don't forget to pack your bag :-)

There’s a few things you should bring along when you visit Het Warredal, click here for our tips!