How to pack your bag

There’s a few things you should bring along when you come to Nutchel:
  • A flashlight for evenings and nights. 
  • A pair of (rubber) boots, or waterproof shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Don’t forget that our Forest Camp Les Ardennes consists largely of forests, so if there’s rainy weather, you won’t get far with your stiletto heels ;)
  • A warm sweater for when it gets cold, even in the summer! Because summer evenings can get a little chilly too.
  • A good book, or some other interesting reading material. There’s nothing more relaxing than reading a good book on your terrace between the trees.
  • An umbrella, that’s pretty self-evident. It would be a pity to let any hypothetical rain stop you from discovering the region.
  • A few basic cooking ingredients such as salt, pepper, herbs olive oil, etc.
Pack your bag

Upon arrival you will find some essential items in your Cosy Cabin, such as cleaning products, a kitchen towel, some toilet paper, a garbage bag, lighters, candles and some dried wood. Everything you need for a good start of your stay! In the Chalet you can find an honesty shop, where you can buy a selection of local products to make life at our Forest Camp as comfortable as possible, including basic products and some beverages.

5 tips to get the most out of your Cosy Cabin

Living in the middle of nature is obviously not the same as staying at an all-inclusive hotel. But that’s what makes it all the more fun! These 5 tips will help you get a maximum level of comfort.

  • Light up the wood stove as soon as you arrive, then it’ll be nice and warm by the time the temperature outside starts to drop.
  • Place your kettle on the wood stove and put some water in it, so you’ll always have warm water when you need it.
  • Fill the rubber hot water bottles and bring them to bed when you go to sleep, because it can get a little cold at night.
  • Use the oil lamps and candles when it starts to get dark. It doesn't only provide light, but adds a cosy atmosphere as well!
  • When the weather is good, you can cook and eat outside! Every Cosy Cabin has a BBQ.
oil lamp
Hot water
Pair of boots
Wood for heating
Hot water bottle
Pack your bag