Activities to do

Cosy Tipi
Our new forest camp Les Ardennes is oozing with activities. From hiking the area to kayaking on a nearby lake, and from storytelling evenings around the campfire to relaxing in our sauna - we're pretty sure there's something to do you'll love!
In the Chalet/Tipi you can get cosy around the indoor fireplace, where you can also find some interesting reading material while you sip on a hot chocolate.

Get together

Nutchel camp fire
Join us in the Chalet/Tipi, where you can spend cosy evenings around the fireplace with your friends, family and other Nutchies, roasting marshmallows and making delicious smores!
Hiking in the area
Spend quality time with your loved ones in nature and not only reconnect with nature, but also with each other. 

Mountain biking and hiking

Enjoying the simple things, together
The rolling hills of the Belgium Ardennes are perfect to reconnect to nature during beautiful hikes in the surroundings.
The Ardennes are perfect for adventure-seekers looking to go mountain biking. Did you know that you can start a mountainbike trail right from our forest camp? So no need to take a car and drive somewhere!

Learning and discovering

Enjoying the simple things, together
In the Chalet/Tipi we have lots of games, books and indoor activities for children where they can learn about the wonders of nature.
Enjoying the simple things, together
Nature is a playground for both young and old. At our new forest camp Les Ardennes there are lots of activities to rediscover nature.

Hot tubs

Cabin with hot tub
Treat yourself and your loved ones and book a cabin with a hot tub! Our Tree Trunk cabins all come with a hot tub and can accommodate up to 6 persons.
Nutchel Sweet Cabin
Did you know we also have a few Sweet cabins that come with a hot tub? Perfect for a romantic getaway for 2.