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Over the past years a new trend in tourism has been developing, where people are looking to slow themselves down, immersing themselves in nature and taking a break from busy daily life. They want to spend quality time together with their friends and family and go on new adventures together. Going back to basic and really enjoying the pleasure of simple things. Those are the type of holidays that people will cherish and remember.

Nutchel is looking to expand into the European market, and we are looking for new partners who own or lease a beautiful piece of land in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and who want to diversify into sustainable tourism.

If you're interested in launching a new tourism activity, which is either complimentary to a current activity you run or a new activity, email us to receive our brochure which explains all options of becoming a partner of Nutchel.

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Enjoying the simple things, together
Tree Trunk cosy cabin