Discovering the beauty of nature
On top of your bike

The adventure is within reach of our wheels

While nature is gradually gaining colors back and the weather is getting milder, we at Nutchel have only been waiting for one thing: to be able to spend some time in the green landscapes that surround us again. 

You do too? And if this time around, you let yourself be surprised by travelling across them differently? And how would it go, you wonder?

Here’s a little hint: they have two wheels, they allow you to move faster and further, and they can be rented at Nutchel Les Ardennes!

You understood properly, we are talking about bikes! Discover below the most beautiful bike routes that we have tested especially for you 🚴 

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Travelling across the Anlier Forest

Did you know that our forest village Les Ardennes is located in the Nature Park of the Anlier Forest? During the 13-km ride that we have adapted to families, you will get to discover the local forest and its treasures from the inside. 

Spending a day at the Lake

How about exploring a new country? With the Luxembourg border less than 2 kilometers from Nutchel Les Ardennes, it is possible! We have prepared a 45 km tour for you (we know that you are for sure a sport-lover), offering you the opportunity to discover the Haute-Sûre Lake.

Stop for a picnic and dip your toes in the water before setting off again through the green hills of Luxembourg, if you dare!

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

Welcome in the Belgian Ardennes

The Ardennes region is full of little secrets and little-known moments in history. The old Martelange tramway used to pass through the forests around the forest village, giving its passengers the opportunity to admire the Ardennes woods.

You will even pass by a small café where you can have a drink before returning to your Cosy Cabin for a well-deserved rest. Let it be said, it's still the best moment of any bike ride 😉

Sounds tempting? Be hold, with a bit of luck, we will also soon be able to offer you bike rental in Alsace too! 🍀 

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